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WYB Coach Pitch Rules


The objective of Coach Pitch is to attempt to mirror regulation baseball rules as much as possible.  Please note the following specific rules for Coach Pitch:

  1.  The home team will keep the official book.Verify score with visitors each inning.
  2. No "Big Barrel" bats are permitted.  Bats must be no more than 2 ¼ ” in diameter.
  3. No metal spikes are permitted.  
  4. Only low-compression FlexiBalls are to be used in practices and in games.
  5. Base paths will measure 60 feet.  Coaches will pitch at an appropriate distance for the batter’s ability (a rough guideline is 40 feet).
  6. The HOME team will wear RED jerseys and sit in the first base dugoutThe AWAY team will wear BLUE jerseys and sit in the third base dugout..
  7. All players present must be in the batting order.Bat the entire roster every game – NOT EVERY INNING.Lineups should be exchanged before the game.Unlimited defensive substitutions are allowed, but the batting order may not change. 
  8. All batters, base runners, and catchers must wear protective headgear.Position players carefully to avoid injury.Be mindful of players with bats.
  9. Games shall not exceed six (6) innings.  Please do not BEGIN an inning after 1:15 hours of play.
  10. Every effort should be made to begin games and innings promptly. Umpires and/or coaches should allow no more than 90 seconds between innings.
  11. There is no stealing or leading off.  No bunts.  No walks.  No infield fly rule.  The batter is not awarded first base for hit by a pitch.
  12. When a player is called out, he/she will be removed from base.
  13. If a batted ball hits the Coach or Coach’s equipment, the batter is awarded first.
  14. If the batter fails to put the ball into play after six (6) PITCHES or three (3) swinging strikes, whichever comes first, the batter will be called out.  There are no called (“looking”) strikes.  If the batter hits a foul ball on the sixth pitch, he/she shall continue hitting until the batter puts the ball into play, or fails to make contact and is called out.
  15. A batted ball becomes dead, when the ball is secure and under control in the infield.  All base runners must stop advancing.
  16. There will be a mandatory courtesy runner for the catcher with two outs. The runner shall be the batter who made the last out.
  17. An inning is over and the side is retired after three outs are recorded, or five runs are scored, or the roster bats around, whichever comes first.
  18. There are ten (10) players on defense.  There must be four (4) outfielders on or near the grass.  Please do not play extra infielders.
  19. Never allow the pitcher to position him/herself in front of the coach pitching.
  20. Aside from the coach pitching, no coaches may position themselves in the field of play.  First base, third base, and bench coaches are encouraged.  A coach may be stationed near the backstop to assist with throwing balls back to the pitcher.  However, please refrain from physically moving players in the field of play or in the batter’s box.