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Majors Division FAQ

Majors Division  FAQ - 2017

Q - How do I register for the Majors baseball league?

A - You can register online at www.worthingtonbaseball.org, just click the “Register” button in the upper right hand corner of the page.  Make sure you select the appropriate league.

Q - When is registration open and what are the costs?

A - Registration opens April 1st.


Register from

April 1st – 15th

April 16th – 30th

May 1st – 15th *


Majors  League




* Registrations May 1st – May 15th will be placed on a wait list and only will be added to teams as space becomes available.

Q - What are the age requirements for Majors league? Can 11 year olds play?

A- Generally, this division is for boys and girls who are 11 or 12 years old, but exceptions can be made for special circumstances. 

Q - What is the practice/game schedule like?

A – Teams will be created and assigned to volunteer parent coaches in mid-May with practices beginning immediately thereafter.  Until the first game there may be two or more practices per week.  Games will begin after Memorial Day and end with a tournament during last week of the season.


There will usually be two games each week, one on a weeknight and one on Saturday morning.  Coaches may also call for a practice during each week.  The game schedule will not be finalized until the last week of May.


Q - Can my child miss some games and practices?

A – Yes.  We plan on placing 13-15 players on each team to ensure that there will always be enough players for each game.  We understand that events and vacations will cause some players to miss some games.  However, to allow your child to get the full benefits of the program, try to schedule vacations for after the first week in July and allow and encourage them to attend each practice.

Q - Where are practices and games held?

A - This year, all practices and games will be held at Perry Park, off of Collins Drive (off of Linworth Road).

Q - What is the structure of the games?

A – A full game lasts 6 innings, 5½ if the home team is ahead.  There is a two hour time limit and run (mercy) rules so some games may last less than 6 innings.

All players at a game are placed in the batting order (instead of just nine) and there is free-substitution in the field.  All players should play in the field about the same number of innings and coaches are encouraged to play each child at a both infield and outfield positions.  Pitchers and catchers may need to demonstrate the requisite skills.  There is unlimited base-stealing and a home run fence.

Q - What kind of equipment do we need?

A - The short answer is, only a baseball glove.


Q - How do I find open days to reschedule games?


Go to: www.worthingtonbaseball.org


Click the “Fields” tab in the left-hand column of the homepage. 

- “Field Listing”

- "View Facility Schedule" by selecting the clock icon in the far right "Action" column̢۬

-  Find an available game time

Scroll through the schedule by advancing the dates (use the "Next" or "Prev" tabs) at the top and bottom of the body of the page.