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Frequently Asked Questions
Who can register for Minors Baseball?
Registration is open for any 9 or 10 year old child in the Worthington School District.
What equipment will my child need to play?
Home and Away jerseys and a baseball cap will need to be purchased at Egelhoff Sports (50 Dillmont Drive – 436-5700).  Batting helmets and catcher's equipment are available at the field for all players. 
You will need to provide a baseball glove/mitt for your child.  Players typically share bats; however no bats are provided by WYB.  All bat guidelines are governed by Little League rules and regulations.  Please no big barrel bats.
You may also want to consider the following optional equipment:
Cleats - Please no metal spikes.  Soccer cleats typically work well.  Sneakers are also acceptable.
Baseball socks and pants - Please contact your coach if he/she requests a specific color.  Jeans or sweatpants are perfectly acceptable, however, most children wear baseball specific pants (typically gray or white).
Will my child be placed on a team with friends from his/her school?
I will do my best to honor special requests. Each team will consist of 15 players. After 15 players are on a team there will be no more requests for that team.  I try to keep kids with others from their school.  If there are not enough players to form a team from your child's school, I will place them on the nearest school or a team that has not reached 15 players. This may include an East side student playing for a school on the West side. Once rosters are released they are final!!  There will be no changes for any reason. 
Can girls play Minors Baseball?
Yes!  However, boys typically outnumber girls on teams by a large margin.  As you make this decision for your daughter, you may also want to consider the WYB Worthington Spirit travel softball team for this age group.  Also, Worthington Parks and Recreation offers a fine summer softball league for this age group.  For more information, please contact the Worthington Community Center.
Should my child "play up" or "play down”?
Many parents are concerned about the skill level of their child, particularly his/her ability to hit a pitched ball.  If your child can already hit a pitched ball, should he/she "play up"?  If your child struggles to hit a pitched ball, should he/she "play down"?  Please understand that there is much more to baseball than hitting  (including catching, throwing, fielding, strategy understanding, and maturity).  Your child may excel (or struggle) at a particular baseball skill; however, baseball can be a complicated sport for children to fully understand and appreciate at this age.  In my opinion, most children benefit from playing with their age-group friends and peers.  It is our hope that your child has a fun, enjoyable experience.  Please use your best judgment.
When are practices scheduled?
Practices will be scheduled and determined by your coach. I encourage all players to attend their practices. A coach may determine the amount of playing time your child gets by attendance at practice ( i.e. amount of playing time in the field).
When are games scheduled?
Some teams will play 3 times per week, other teams will play 2 times per week. Mon-Sat and Sundays after 1:30 if needed. Tournament will follow Regular season. Some tournament games will be played on Sundays also. After the tournament there will be an All Star Game. We hope to have the season completed by the week after July 4th.
Where are games played?
Several locations within Worthington.  Primarily at the Perry Park, Snouffer Park Baseball Complex
What if it rains?
Your coach will contact you in the event of a rain-out.  Rain-outs will be rescheduled at the discretion of the involved coaches.
I want to coach, whom do I contact?
Contact league commissioner by email -> @gmail.com
What are the responsibilities of a coach?
Coaches should create a fun and safe atmosphere for players to learn, practice, and compete.  Coaches will also be asked to communicate effectively with parents and distribute uniforms and equipment as needed.